Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair Review

Most people would comment that once you had a baby, your time for travel and other fun outdoor activities are limited because baby stuff takes a lot of space in your car. But it’s a good day to be alive with Ciao’s Baby Portable High Chair.

This item is portable, lightweight, and compact. This high chair requires no installation or assembly. It is easy to clean and security-packed, even though it’s light and on-the-go.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • No assembly or installation needed
  • Easy to clean
  • Security-packed


Before, planning an out of town trip to the beach or camping cold seem impossible if you have a baby with you. Not only do they need an extra bag for their essentials, but also mealtime for them means no mealtime for you.

But Ciao’s Baby Portable High Chair ends that disappointment by bringing the solution to your problem- a portable high chair. Now your family and your baby can enjoy the fun of outdoor activities without the hassle.

The portable high chair weighs approximately 8 lbs; you would not even notice it at the back of your car. It makes for a perfect travel buddy for you and your baby.

It also comes with a carrying bag so you won’t have to fit it in the essential’s bag. Since it is portable, there is no assembly or installations required – just fold and unfold and your baby’s good to go.

The material used is also easy to clean, just wipe off the crumbs to ensure your baby’s not exposed to any threat of insects or germs. You may think that with a portable high chair like this, safety is compromised, but it is not.

This portable high chair secures your baby with a seatbelt and footrest so his or her little feet are not dangling. The food platform is also convenient for you and your baby because it has containers that will hold their drinks.


Ciao’s Baby Portable High Chair is meant to make parents’ life easier, especially when they take their babies out to have fun.

But it is good to note that most reviewers pointed out the way the table platform works. Since the high chair does not involve assembly, it means that the platform is dependent and attached to the seat.

There are times when the tray would dip in the middle because it does not have the kind of material and support trays of traditional high chairs have. As a result of the weak support, the food might fall on the child’s lap.

In this case, you may want to improvise support to the food platform by inserting a metal or T-bar of some sort, to make sure that the platform does not sink. You may also opt to place a small amount of food, the light ones, and avoid putting all the foods at the same time.

Since this high chair is on-the-go, you cannot take off or detach the covers to clean it. Some reviewers noted that it would be nice if they can take off the covers to clean the crumbs.

To remedy this, you may put an additional cover like a mini placemat when your little one is eating so cleaning can be easier. Also, you may choose an effective cleaner and wiper to ensure that you have thoroughly cleaned the high chair.

Another concern of some reviewers is that the portable high chair has a tendency to tilt, depending on the weight of the child.

When you are getting the child on and off the chair, you might need an extra hand since sometimes the chair comes with the legs or feet of the child. In this case, it would be good to put additional safety at the base to ensure protection.


The Ciao Baby Portable High Chair is perfect for families who like to bond outdoors. It is the perfect on-the-go thing to complete your baby ensemble.

It is lightweight, portable, and safe. Your baby will have a great time using it, and you will have a stress-free time packing and cleaning it. It’s a must-have for every traveling family.

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