Cosco Simple Fold High Chair, Elephant Squares – Review

If your family loves to travel or if you are looking for ways to save space (because your house is slowly transforming into a playhouse), the Cosco Simple Fold High Chair might just be your new best friend.

This high chair is compact, making set-up and pack-up a breeze. It is also lightweight and does not eat up too much space, making it the perfect companion when traveling.


  • Compact, perfect space saver
  • Lightweight, great for traveling
  • Great value for money


When you have a baby at home, expect a lot of fun, but also expect a lot of stress. The endless cleaning you have to perform can cause this stress.

Also, the house suddenly transforms into a play den, so space for other stuff becomes limited. Cosco Simple Fold Chair can take some of the weight in your back by being the space-saving, reliable high chair that you’ve always dreamt of.

Setting and packing the high chair is not complicated; thus, it saves time for parents who do simultaneous chores at home. It is also compact and does not take so much space when used and folded.

You can place the chair in the living room when your baby wants to watch TV, and your baby can also join the fun at the dining table while you eat, all because of the right height of the high chair.

Cosco Simple Fold Chair is also durable; safety is assured with the 3-point harness feature of the chair. It can also handle a child’s weight up to 50 lbs. This means that you can use it for a longer period of time. The high chair is also your perfect travel buddy because of its petite size when folded.

Oftentimes, traveling with your kid can be stressful, so you need to pack light to include all the essentials. Most of the time, high chairs cannot be brought because they are big and heavy.

The compact high chair is also wallet-friendly. Choosing Cosco High Chair saves both time and money.


The biggest complaint of most reviewers is the way the high chair is designed. They noted that the high chair is reclined too much. There is also no way to adjust the backrest of the chair; therefore, babies often slide and slouch.

Some reviewers suggested that others may want to try putting a small stuffed pillow or cushion to support the child’s back and prevent him/her from sliding and slouching. If pillow or cushion is unavailable, a rolled towel can also act as support.

Though the 3-point harness ensures the baby’s safety while sitting, some reviewers still feel that the chair needs additional safety feature. In this case, you may want to reinforce the screws and maybe add a base on the foot of the chair.

Most reviewers also pointed out that though at times it is easy to wipe or clean, most of the time (especially if the infant is a messy eater) cleaning time becomes stressful. The reason that it might be hard to clean is because covers are not detachable from the chair.

In situations like this, the chair, because it is compact, can sometimes fit in your sink. But in the event that it cannot fit, you may put additional covers so it is easier to clean.

Some reviewers also cited that though the Cosco Simple Fold Chair is perfect for travel, you might want to choose a high chair where you can adjust the reclining ability for everyday use.


The Cosco Simple Fold Chair is a great choice for parents who are looking for a high chair that saves space and good for on-the-go occasions. However, most reviewers find that the chair reclined too much and is not adjustable.

If putting a cushion to support your child’s back is not an added chore for you, then Cosco Simple Fold Chair is a great pick, considering its great price that won’t leave a huge hole in your budget.

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